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AccessToInsight material

This page lists the suttas consisting in AccessToInsight material enhanced with Pali text and infobubbles on important words.

Āgantuka Sutta (SN 45.159)
How the Noble Path works with the abhiññā pertaining to various dhammas as a guest-house welcoming various kinds of visitors.
Bhayabherava Sutta (MN 4)
In this sutta, among other things, the Buddha expounds the three vijjās he attained during the night of his enlightenment.
Gihī Sutta (AN 5.179)
In this sutta, the Buddha gives greater precision about the way in which the four usual sotāpattiyangas have to be internalized in order to constitute the proper conditions for sotāpatti.
Nissāraṇīya Sutta (AN 5.200)
This sutta declines five types of nissāraṇas.
Sabbāsava Sutta (MN 2)
Very interesting sutta, where the different ways by which the āsavas, fermentating defilements of the mind, are dispelled.
Sāḷha Sutta (AN 3.67)
The advice given here is very similar to that given to the Kalamas.
Sekha Sutta (MN 53)
The Buddha asks Ānanda to expound the Sekha Paṭipadā, of which he gives a surprising version, from which Satisampajañña and Nīvaraṇānaṃ Pahāna are curiously replaced by a series of seven 'good qualities', and which is illustrated by a telling simile.