♦ The Buddha Gotama for having attained the ultimate awakening and having undertaken to teach it.

♦ The Sangha of his disciples who have keenly preserved his teaching both in theory and in practice throughout the millenia.

♦ The Pali Text Society for having used their precious erudition to make the teachings of the Buddha easily accessible to the West.

♦ The VRI and his volunteers team who have made the suttas and the vinaya freely available in electronic format.

♦ Thanissaro Bhikkhu, John Bullit, and all those who have contributed to AccessToInsight for providing public domain translations of the Buddha's teachings.

♦ Bhante Dhammayutto for having built the extraordinary and revolutionary tool that the Digital Pali Reader is.

♦ Nicolas for providing the technical support with infobubbles and the centralized vocabulary database.

♦ All those who have contributed by reporting errors or writing messages of moral support, as well as those who have developed the free softwares used to built the pages, as Notepad++ and Filezilla.

Bodhi leaf