SN 32.1 (S iii 254)
Suddhika Sutta
— Simple version —

The different types of cloud devas.

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The (sutta) opening at Sāvatthī.{n}

Valāhakakāyike vo, bhikkhave, deve desessāmi. Taṃ suṇātha. Katame ca, bhikkhave, valāhakakāyikā devā? Santi, bhikkhave, sītavalāhakā devā; santi uṇhavalāhakā devā; santi abbhavalāhakā devā; santi vātavalāhakā devā; santi vassavalāhakā devā. Ime vuccanti, bhikkhave, ‘valāhakakāyikā devā’ ti.

I will teach you, bhikkhus, the cloud devas. Listen to that. And what, bhikkhus, are the cloud devas? There are, bhikkhus, the cold clouds devas; there are the hot clouds devas; there are the dark clouds devas; thre are the windy clouds devas; there are the rainy clouds devas. These are called, bhikkhus, the cloud devas.

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