AN 10.13 (A v 17)
Saṃyojana Sutta
— Fetters —

This very short sutta lists the ten saṃyojanas.

Note: plain texts



Dasayimāni, bhikkhave, saṃyojanāni. Katamāni dasa? Pañcorambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni, pañcuddhambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni.

There are these ten fetters. Which ten? Five lower fetters & five higher fetters.

Katamāni pañcorambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni? Sakkāyadiṭṭhi, vicikicchā, sīlabbataparāmāso, kāmacchando, byāpādo – imāni pañcorambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni.

And which are the five lower fetters? Self-identity views, uncertainty, grasping at precepts & practices, sensual desire, & ill will. These are the five lower fetters.

Katamāni pañcuddhambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni? Rūparāgo, arūparāgo, māno, uddhaccaṃ, avijjā – imāni pañcuddhambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni. Imāni kho, bhikkhave, dasa saṃyojanānī’’ti. Tatiyaṃ.

And which are the five higher fetters? Passion for form, passion for what is formless, conceit, restlessness, & ignorance. These are the five higher fetters. And these are the ten fetters.

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Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
Access to Insight, 4 July 2010.

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