AN 9.41 (A iv 438)
Tapussa Sutta
— The question of Tapussa —

Here saññā-vedayita-nirodha, the cessation of saññā and vedanā is presented as a ninth jhāna.

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So kho ahaṃ, ānanda, sabbaso neva-saññā-nā-saññāyatanaṃ samatikkamma saññā-vedayita-nirodhaṃ upasampajja viharāmi, paññāya ca me disvā āsavā parikkhayaṃ agamaṃsu.

With the complete transcending of the dimension of neither perception nor non-perception, I entered & remained in the cessation of perception & feeling. And as I saw with discernment, the mental fermentations went to their total end.



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Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
Access to Insight, 4 July 2010.

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