AN 5.207 (A iii 250)
Yāgu Sutta
— The rice-gruel —

The Buddha gives five advantages of eating rice-gruel.

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Pañcime, bhikkhave, ānisaṃsā yāguyā. Katame pañca? Khudaṃ paṭihanati, pipāsaṃ paṭivineti, vātaṃ anulometi, vatthiṃ sodheti, āmāvasesaṃ pāceti. Ime kho, bhikkhave, pañca ānisaṃsā yāguyā ti.

There are, bhikkhus, these five advantages of the rice-gruel. Which five? It eliminates hunger, it suppresses thirst, it is suitable for the wind [element in the body], it purifies the bladder, it drives out the remaining undigested [food]. These, bhikkhus, are the five advantages of the rice-gruel.

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