AN 5.57 -
Abhiṇhapaccavekkhitabbaṭhāna Sutta
— Facts to be considered often —

How to consider one's own kamma.

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Kamma-s·sak·omhi, kamma-dāyādo kamma-yoni kamma-bandhu kamma-paṭisaraṇo. Yaṃ kammaṃ karissāmi, kalyāṇaṃ pāpakaṃ , tassa dāyādo bhavissāmī ti.

I am my own kamma, I am a heir to my kamma, I am born [in this life] from my kamma, I am the kinsman of my kamma, I am protected by my kamma. Whatever kamma·s I shall do, kalyāṇa·s or pāpaka·s, I shall become their heir.



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