Using Sutta Central

This is a tutorial about how to use Sutta Central to read suttas in Pali alongside their translation with a pop-up 'bubble' on each Pali word that explains its meaning. First click here. You should see something like this:

On the top right corner, click on this icon:

You should see this window:

In the section "View original text with translation", you can choose to see the Pali side by side with its translation, or alternating line by line. You end up either with something like this:

Or like this:

Next, you can go back to the "Text settings" window, scroll down and in the section "Activate Pali word lookup" choose the Pali to English option.

You now have a pop-up 'bubble' on each Pali word, just like I tried to do on this website, except it's now available for the entire Pali Canon. Enjoy!

Bodhi leaf