AN 3.109 (A i 261)
Atitti Sutta
— Insatiety —
[ a-titti: insatisfaction, insatiety ]

Three wrong things, of which many are unfortunately fond, that can never bring about satiety.

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Tiṇṇaṃ, bhikkhave, paṭisevanāya natthi titti. Katamesaṃ tiṇṇaṃ? Soppassa, bhikkhave, paṭisevanāya natthi titti. Surā-meraya-pānassa, bhikkhave, paṭisevanāya natthi titti. Methuna-dhamma-samāpattiyā, bhikkhave, paṭisevanāya natthi titti. Imesaṃ, bhikkhave, tiṇṇaṃ paṭisevanāya natthi tittī.

From the indulgence in three things, bhikkhus, there is no satiety. Which three? From the indulgence in sleep, bhikkhus, there is no satiety. From the indulgence in liquors and spirits, bhikkhus, there is no satiety. From the indulgence in obtaining sexual intercourse, bhikkhus, there is no satiety. These, bhikkhus, are three things from the indulgence in which there is no satiety.

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